“Juli has a keen understanding of the inner workings of communities, their needs and resources. She helped launch Project Leadership Delaware County, a program in her home community that has resulted in steering more than 2,000 youths on a path toward college. Now that’s impact. Juli has a gift for tearing down difficult barriers and peeling away layers to identify core issues. She then uses her incredible energy and passion to persistently and strategically implement innovative solutions. Juli gets the job done and done well. Every single time.”

Tammy Pearson, Director Project Leadership

“Juli brought immediate leadership value to our process upon her arrival, helping our group refine and improve everything from areas as granular as key content development to the broader strokes of business unit vision and strategy.”

Joe Montgomery, Marketing Manager/General Manager, Star Media

“Juli is a capable leader and project manager. She is a willing coach and mentor. She understands the digital side, that content is king, and has created products that target key audiences for growth. She leads with conviction and passion that motivates others. “

Michael Kane, President & Publisher, The Indianapolis Star, Gannett Company Group President

“Juli is a thoughtful, forward-looking leader. High energy. Sharp focus. Tremendous experience inside and beyond the newsroom.”

Caesar Andrews, Editor, Gannett News Service

“Juli helped us build good strategies for our publications by quickly sifting through a mountain of information, asking good questions and prodding us to make the right decisions. And, she didn’t make it a painful process. She’s very good.”

Genia Lovett, Vice President, Gannett Wisconsin Media

“Juli’s experience is diverse: small newspapers, big newspapers, proven newsroom leadership coupled with a true entrepreneurial spirit. She knows the business from where we’ve been and where we need to go on the digital side. Probably, her greatest strength is her common sense. She’s proven over and over again that she can spark ideas and make them happen.”

Mike Scobey, Chief Operating Officer, Calkins Media Inc.